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Hostel Name : Ring Hostel Located City : Ischia
Address : via gaetano morgera n. 66 via baiola n. 193 ,  Ischia

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We offer private rooms for 1 to 4 people with or without an ensuite
bathroom as well as dorm rooms for 4, 6, and 8 people with or without
ensuite bathrooms as well. We have a wide selection of rooms, so please
choose what suits you best. We offer linen included and free towels upon
request. The hostel also has no curfew, no age restrictions, and a
membership card is not required as this is an independent hostel.

PRIVATE KITCHEN - Every room has a full kitchen with a sink, rangetop,
fridge and freezer, oven, coffee maker, and dishes and silverware inside the
room for your convenience and privacy.
At the Poggio del Sole Hotel (owned by the same family as Ring Hostel) you
have access to everything, including our wonderful restaurant. We offer
shuttle service where we can pick you up from the hostel as a designated
time or on request and take you directly to the hotel. Here at the
restaurant, you will find a great atmosphere to relax and enjoy your meal,
music in the evenings, a patio to enjoy the warmth of the island if you want,
and a fireplace to really set the mood.

At Ring Hostel, you certainly are not being charged hotel prices, but we try
our best to provide you with hotel quality service as much as possible. Listed
below are some of the services we offer. However, if there is ever anything
else we can do, please ask and we will do everything we can. One of the
best features of the hostel is that the owners also have a beautiful hotel at
your disposal. The hotel has a restaurant, fully stocked bar, and a pool with
an amazing ocean view for you to enjoy whenever you like.


The isle of Ischia is the biggest one that belones to the "Arcipelago
Partenopeo" lies on the west side off Naples Gulf 18 miles away. It's placed
on 40-44 latitude north and 13,55 longitude east and stands from history on
a strategic position in the middle of Mediterranean sea. Ringhostel is situated
in Forio, on the west coast of Ischia island, Forio has a surface of 1800
kilometers and a population of 11.000 habitants.
Via Gaetano Morgera n. 66, Forio on Island Ischia Gulf of Neaples Italy

There are two ports on the island, Ischia porto and Forio porto, Ring Hostel
is located in Forio.

From Ischia Porto -Get off the ferry and go to the bus station, is about 100
meters. Take the #1, 2, or the CS bus to Forio. Get off at bus stop number
55. (You will see the port of Forio on your right.) - Look across the street for
the Captain Morgan Biglietteria (where they sell tickets for another ferry) -
Take directions from Forio Porto

From Forio Porto - Get off the ferry and go left on the road shortly until you
see the Captain Morgan Biglietteria on your right - Take the road immediately
to the left of (or behind) the biglietteria stand and head uphill. (50 meters) -
As you take the road up on your left you will see a shopping street. - Take
this street, cross the road, and head uphill until the road curves a sharp
right. (200 meters) STOP - You will see a small store named Bollicine directly
in front of you - Don’t follow the road right, but take the small alleyway to
your left. (Via Gaetano Morgera Cierco) - This road will wind back and forth
for about 300 meters and finally take you to a square where the hostel is
located. - Before you get to the square where the hostel is, you will find
another small square with a small parking lot on the left, ignore it and
continue straight following the road. - When you arrive at the second
square, directly on your left you will see the hostel - It has double green
doors at the entrance and the cornerstone is marked 1828.

Hostels in Ischia

Hostels in Italy

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