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HI - New York Hostel
Situated near Central Park and Columbia University, the hostel is in a historic Victorian Gothic-style building on Upper West Side. It organizes walking tours...more

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Why not a Hostel?

Hostelling might not be your thing. Or maybe not every day; there are times when you need a place to stay but a hostel doesn't give you the level of comfort that you look for. Hostelling might still not be for you, and here are some reasons why you would not want to hostel:

Hostelling is not for everyone, but be sure to know the actual reasons. Their choices and options that hostels now offer will surprise even the most skeptical person considering a hostel, will offer private rooms a budget price. So think about enjoying the environment while still being able to shut and lock the door to your room. Be sure not to confuse reasons not to hostel you will be surprised when you see such a many misconceptions.

- Luxury is something you want.

- Age will probably never be an issue at any hostel.

- You after harmony and silence and it are too loud.

- Excess number of people is a problem.

- You have a hard time keeping things clean when everyone is coming in and out.

- You feel uncomfortable keeping your belongings in a room with other people.

- You might think your number is too big compare to other hosteller's age.

- You do not like sharing bathrooms.

- Close proximity to people, maybe you need more space.

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