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Arriving in a strange place

Arriving in a strange place

Being in a new place can be stressful, especially if it is your first trip. You may not know the language, and probably not meeting that many people. You should always be careful, about where you go and selective about the people you hang with. Like all places there are nice people and nasty souls.

At the airport

You should always keep you bags next to you. Especially if you are in an airport that has hardly any security and it is hard to tell who is doing what. Loosing your bag before you go is something and loosing them in an airport in Africa, or Asia is something completely different. Wherever there are crowds, you will find people looking for easy targets.


In most ports, airports, bus and train stations, you will be hassled by these people trying to get you taxi fares, and make you guests at some hotel. These people are a nuisance and you have to be clear when telling them off.


Like all airports in the world taxi drivers may try and rip you off on the cost of the ride. You must be aware of the normal or average cost that it takes from the airport to the downtown area. If you don't, you will be ripped off and sometimes this won't even prevent it either. Try to take a licensed cab and write down the number. Find out how the taxi system works in your destination and try to figure out a way of scaring them off if they try to charge more. Of course all of this is less of an issue if you are traveling with someone, but if this is not the case, you should take the advice mentioned above.

Things to do in the first few hours

After you have arrived at your hostel and have gotten some sleep, you must get some drinking water. Remember that most water abroad is not safe, unless specified. Each city has its own sights and things to do. You can try the pubs, clubs, see the surroundings of your hostel, meet new people and have some fun.

Things to do in the first day or two

Confirm your next flight. You may also find that you do not like the place that much and you want to move on and change the flight date. A very important thing to do is to follow the rules of any country and take to heart their requirements for entering and enjoying their land. If a country is unsafe and unstable or has recently gone through some sort conflict, your embassy advices you register with them. Finally if you need visas for other countries this is the place to get them; some visas take weeks to be produced. After you have secured these personal regulations, you should have as much fun as possible for that is why you are in a different country. Do not waste time in the room watching TV. Get to the outdoors; see the wildlife, parks, beaches, city and the local attractions.
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